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The purpose of the optimization is to make it as easy as possible for search engines to understand the content on your website as well as who that content is for.

With a fully optimized site and detailed analytic tracking in place, we ensure that our continuous marketing efforts are supported by the best possible website structure for both search engines and potential clients.

Optimization Includes
  • – Optimizing Page Structure
  • – Updating Meta Descriptions
  • – Optimizing Images
  • – Increasing Site Load Speeds
  • – Adding Structured Data Markup
  • – Optimizing For Mobile Devices
  • – Setting Up Tag Manager & Goal Tracking

Optimizing your site's page structure.

Peak-Fencing-Page-Structure-Example on Imac

Search engines have a very particular way of understanding the content on your web page. When they look through or (crawl) a page, they are looking for consistent and well-organized content with a clearly defined purpose.

Optimizing your page structure involves understanding how a search engine interprets a web page and organizing the content on your page to better support the message you are sending to your readers. This includes re-organizing your heading structure, optimizing your URLs and redirecting any pages that no longer hold value.

Finding the perfect meta description.

Meta Description example on Imac for website optimization page

A meta description must summarize your page’s content in a way that supports the purpose of your page, helps search engines understand your content, and compels searchers to choose you in the search results.

With our keyword and market research, we can write the best possible meta descriptions for your pages and track the success rates of those descriptions over time. This helps us to determine how to further optimize your content and helps us understand the intent searchers have when searching for the content you have to offer.

Optimizing your images, video, and other media content.

Image Optimization displayed in photoshop

Image and media optimization can make or break an amazing website depending on the quality of the optimization. Your site needs to load quickly but also look fantastic. To accompany this paradox, search engines don’t see media as we see it. If your media is not correctly optimized, search engines will have no idea what the subject of the content is.

Our job is to find the perfect balance between media quality and page loading speeds. We also add the necessary descriptions on the back end of your site to help search engines translate the subject of your media content.

Decreasing the time it takes for your site to load.

Page Speed insights and optimization

Studies show that 75% of users leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Loading speeds are also a major ranking factor when it comes to search engines. Along with media optimization, there are many factors that affect a website’s time to load.

We utilize advance speed testing tools to determine which of these factors are affecting your website loading speeds the most. We then approach an optimization method that reduces those load times while maintaining the quality of your website content.

Script that helps search engines understand your content.

Schema Markup example

Structured data markup is a “new” type of script added to the back end of your website that is utilized by search engines to quickly understand the subject and content of your page. While structured data types such as Schema have been available for some time now, only about 3% of websites across the web have implemented it.

We add Schema and structured data to each page on your site increasing its ability to be understood by search engines as well as the likelihood you will rank in the search results.

Optimizing your site for mobile and hand held devices.

Mobile optimization example

With Google’s rollout of “mobile first indexing,” it’s never been more important to ensure your websites mobile usability. Your sites ability to function on mobile has a direct correlation to its ability to rank well on both mobile and desktop searches.

Much of our optimization efforts are focused on structuring your site in a way that increases its mobile-friendliness. We also add another type of search engine script called AMP. Like schema, this script helps search engines understand the content on your site and increases your website loading speeds on mobile devices.

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Sweet Homes of Colorado featured image

Sweet Homes of Colorado

Custom Home Developer

Sweet Homes of Colorado is a custom home developer in Breckenridge, Colorado. They were looking to celebrate their 25th year in business with a major update to their website and branding. Our goal was to capture the quality of their work and display it in every possible way for viewers and potential clients.

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Waikiki Yacht Charters features image success story

Waikiki Yacht Charters

Hawaii Yacht Rentals

Waikiki Yacht Charters is a yacht rental and tour agency located in Honolulu Hawaii. They came to us for a full website optimization to help focus more of their efforts towards increasing their lead captures through their website as opposed to trip advisor and other commision based travel sites.

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Charlie Abrahams featured client image

Charlie Abrahams Photography

Portrait Photographer

Charlie Abrahams is a portrait and real estate photographer located in Boston Massachusetts. Charlie had a full website redesigned and worked with us to develop his content as well as his site structure. Our focus was to increase his exposure for headshot services in the Boston area.

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