Website Audit

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Our audit is designed to both evaluate and educate all of the factors related to your website’s level of search visibility. We provide an in-depth easy to follow report expressing the current status of your digital assets along with all the instructions and tools you need to increase your website’s performance on the web.

Audit Includes
  • – Custom Analytics Report
  • – Competitor Analysis
  • – Backlink Audit
  • – Keyword Profile & Suggestions
  • – Page Level Audit
  • – Image Audit
  • – Desktop & Mobile Analysis
  • – DIY Optimization Examples

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A current overview of your website's SEO.

Site wide overview audit on computer

We analyze site-wide ranking factors such as the duration your site has been on the web, your domain authority, the number of quality links pointing to your site, the structure and layout of your website, and more. Each of these factors is given an SEO score along with steps to improve your website’s ability to rank on search engine results pages.

Also included, is your current keyword ranking profile as well as a suggested keyword structure for each page on your site. We utilize these keyword suggestions in our optimization and content creation services to develop a competitive content strategy that focuses on developing content with a high likelihood of attracting organic traffic from search engines.

An individual analysis of each page on your website.

Page Level Audit example on desktop computer

Although a website can look amazing on the front end, search engines don’t view your site as we see it. They read or “crawl” the code on the backend of your website to determine the subject of the content on each page. 

Our page analysis is an overview of each individual page on your website based on how search engines read your content. This analysis includes your current meta descriptions, suggested meta descriptions, your page title and heading structures, along with your site’s URL structure. It also includes descriptions with each topic describing how to correctly organize your content for search engines.

An overview of your image and media SEO.

Image Audit example on imac

Images and media content can have a huge effect on your websites ability to rank and are widely overlooked in the world of SEO. If your media content is not optimized correctly, a search engine may have no idea what the purpose of that media is. Also, the size of your images can slow down your site speed decreasing your page rankings.

We want to give your content every opportunity to rank on search engines. This section is an overview of the ranking factors affecting your images and media’s ability to be understood by search engines as well as the steps you should take to optimize your media content.

Your website's performance on desktop computers.

Desktop audit analysis example

The types of searches that occur on desktop computers are entirely different than those that use mobile and related devices. Because of this, search engines use different ranking factors for the desktop version of your site than the ones used for the mobile version of your site.

This section of the audit expresses those ranking factors and provides a score for your site’s performance on desktop. We also provide steps and learning resources that will increase your site’s usability on desktop computers as well as suggested additions you can include on your site that will help search engines better understand the content.

Your website's performance on mobile devices.

Mobile website audit example on imac

There has never been a more important time to optimize your website for mobile devices. With Google’s new “mobile first indexing”, your website’s rankings on all devices are directly affected by your sites mobile usability.

The mobile audit section explains all of the factors correlated with a website’s performance on mobile devices. It also expresses how your site holds up against these factors as well as steps you can take to increase your site’s usability and performance on mobile devices.

An easy to understand, custom website analytics report.

Custom analytics report example

Website analytics can be extremely difficult to grasp. With so much data and so many other priorities to focus on, it’s easy to push the analytics aside. At White Hattery, we believe that the ability to track and, more importantly, understand the traffic as well as the behavior of the visitors on your site is the most valuable asset to our marketing efforts.

This is why we have developed a custom analytics report. This report is a snapshot of the traffic and trends occurring on your website. It allows you to quickly track the visitors and goals of your site as well as the progress of our marketing efforts without being overwhelmed by the complexity of Google Analytics. 

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Teryn Grey sitting in chair featured image

Teryn Grey

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Teryn Grey is a fashion, lifestyle, and philanthropy blog run by Tara Cummins. She uses her passion for travel and fashion to shine a light on the greyhound dog breed along with their disposition in the world.

Mann Hawaii

Mortgage Broker

Mann Hawaii is a branch of national mortgage lender Mann Mortgage. Their process is heavily developed around educating their clients on all aspects of the mortgage industry and ensuring their borrowers that they are making the best decision possible when applying for a home loan.

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Project GoPro

Videography Experts

Project GoPro is a learning and resource center for those looking to create professional video and become experts in cinematography using their Gopro. They have created an arrayment of products from an E-book about how to use the GoPro, to filming and editing video courses. We audited their website to give them insight into how they can focus their article content more toward their target market of entry-level GoPro users.

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