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About White Hattery

You are a dedicated business owner. You know that you need an online presence, but where do you even begin?

Some say social media, some say a new website, some say paid ad-campaigns.

With all the abundance of information out there, it can be confusing to know which step to take first. However, until you fully understand how your target clients use the internet to search for your products or services, it’s impossible to move forward. 

What you are searching for is a business with the ability to provide a strategy that can be translated into a language which expresses the goals, detailed steps, expected results, and progress that is necessary to move your organization forward.

A successful business needs valuable assets online that parallel the business as it exists in the physical world.

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“When it comes to the web, just because we build it doesn’t mean they will come.”

Our Approach:

The most challenging part of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing is to show visual results that business owners can understand, track, use, and learn from.

At White Hattery Digital Marketing, we promote the use of honest and valuable marketing practices to build strategies and transform your businesses both online and off.

Our goal is to help you implement successful systematic marketing approaches by using analytical data and research to create aggressive campaign strategies in order to increase exposure within your market space.

We believe there is no one answer solution. It takes a team of well-informed individuals working towards a precise common goal in order to generate perpetual success.

Through research, involvement, and clearly defined conversion tracking, our marketing strategies provide you with confidence in your investment and a knowledge base that strengthens your skills as a business owner.

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About The Owner:


Hailing from Ventura, CA, Justin Farrell spends most of his free time surfing, composing music, or developing new and exciting entrepreneurial ventures. He created White Hattery Digital Marketing with the idea of a new website development process that not only generated amazing and valuable content but would also help clients progress and translate their business practices online. What started as a simple idea that was focused around search engine optimization evolved into the full digital marketing and business process development services that White Hattery provides today.

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